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May 28, 2020
Technology and design in the Philip Morris daytime common space in Bologna
September 30, 2021

A unique everyday life

Creation of innovative spaces for an international training center for dance and development of creativity

Cardelli Bros. has created a series of multifunctional greenhouses for an estate in the province of Asti, which welcomes an international training center for dance and the development of creativity. The structures are coherently placed in a dynamic and innovative context, which hosts students, artists and creatives from all over the world.

Serra & Biodiversity: a treasure chest that collects the world of nature

In this structure we have collected the infinite world of nature. Our greenhouse holds an amazing example of biodiversity, in which people can admire tropical and subtropical plants from every corner of the world: an example of how nature knows how to welcome, harmonize and enhance every diversity and peculiarity. But also a demonstration of how technology should and can be allied with nature. It is a sustainable project in which, thanks to conscious choices and the application of sophisticated techniques, we guarantee proper climate management, zero waste and constant protection of plants and insects.

A reception in the kingdom of biodiversity

We have created a reception designed to welcome students, guests and artists in an atmosphere of intimate interaction with nature. This space, in fact, is located on the second floor of the biodiversity greenhouse that we have created for the Estate. Just as nature enhances each of its different expressions, our goal was to ideally welcome every form of idea and creativity. Students and artists, from their first steps in the center, must be inspired by the purity of the elements and spaces, to cultivate and best express their talent without limits and constraints.

Fitness room: balance between spaces, nature and mankind

Within the estate we have created a greenhouse to house a room dedicated to physical training. The fitness room is located in the immediate vicinity of the suggestive vegetable garden in the center: the windows created are the perfect common thread between the internal environment and the spectacle of nature. What is created is a deep bond, a relationship of balance between nature, physical well-being and spaces intended to host human activities. Activities that can only benefit from an intimate visual and spiritual connection with mother earth and her vital call.



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