November 28, 2022
Greenhouses & Biodiversity: where the harmony between man and nature triumphs
January 24, 2023
Everyday Life

Greenhouses that make your
daily life special

In line with our mission to enhance the moments of everyday life and to create new spaces through the use of functional and aesthetically appealing technological greenhouses, we have created ad hoc buildings tailored to the needs of two private clients.

Discover the projects signed by Cardelli Bros.

Conservatory Greenhouse

A living area surrounded by greenery

In this creation we have reproduced the idea of the English conservatory inside a greenhouse. From our work comes a multifaceted place, which unites the classic shelter of plants with a space in which to spend free time and carry out pleasant daily activities: reading a good book, welcoming guests and friends, tea or coffee.

What comes to life is therefore a living area surrounded by greenery, where our everyday life can take place in a suggestive setting, in full symbiosis with the natural elements typical of outdoor spaces.

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Asymmetric Greenhouse

From the office to leisure time: a pleasant outdoor refuge

This creation is an innovative Asymmetric-greenhouse capable of hosting different daily activities. Used by the client as a surprising external office/briefing-room, it can also easily adapt to the function of a place for relaxation, leisure or sharing and hospitality. A positive peculiarity of this type of construction lies in the possibility of applying it functionally in contact with existing walls or buildings, giving movement and dynamism to the construction and representing a fascinating extension of it.

The projects by Cardelli Bros. perfectly demonstrate how a greenhouse can be transformed into an original space for welcoming and enjoying moments of life.

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