Casa nell’Orto, a new sustainable architecture project
June 15, 2019

In Pistoia,
a new greenhouse bar restaurant
in the Monteoliveto park

A family breakfast surrounded by greenery, a romantic dinner under the starry sky, a relaxing tea having a chat with friends. All this is possible thanks to the greenhouse bar restaurant designed by the architect Sergio Gallicani and built by Cardelli Bros for the Monteoliveto park in Pistoia. 

A structure of 80 square meters completely made of glass, a hi-tech green building that has become the heart of one of the main green areas of the city. The greenhouse bar restaurant in Monteoliveto is in fact part of a beautiful park of 16 thousand square meters populated by magnolias, cypresses, olive trees and cedars, and is the heart of the redevelopment project of the park of Pistoia.

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A greenhouse bar restaurant immersed in greenery

The Monteoliveto park in Pistoia has always been a point of attraction and a meeting place for citizens but needed to be redeveloped. This is the start of a project that aims to encourage people to experience the park, at any time of the year: among workshops for children, night dj sets and areas dedicated to sports, there is the greenhouse bar restaurant, a building that represents at best the sustainable philosophy behind the redevelopment project. The greenhouse stands in the middle of the park, attracting the attention of all those who walk in Monteoliveto. 

It is a green building of about 80 square meters where you can eat, from breakfast to dinner, completely surrounded by greenery and in all seasons of the year: in winter, the greenhouse is heated by a charming wood stove and in summer the exchange of air is ensured by technological ventilation system. 

The greenhouse bar restaurant is therefore the ideal place to encourage people to experience the park, at any time of day and in any month of the year.