Gazebros, a common thread that keeps our affections together

Gazebo with supporting structure made of steel, complete with sunshade tarpaulin

Structure and indications

Structure made of circular tubular S235-S275 steel, section square 60x40 with 3 mm thickness, cut, welded, galvanized and painted.

The CE marked product is entirely made in Italy, calculated as special structure but not as a building. Due to the nature of the tent we suggest to download it from any loads of snow and hail that might accumulate there.

Technical specifications

Roof reach

Product performance data sheet based on simplified T.U 2008 for structures not defined as building and removable.

Type of tarpaulin


Fireproof PVC tarpaulin.
Grammage tarpaulin 480 gr/sqm.


Micro perforated fireproof PVC tarpaulin.
Tarpaulin weight 620 gr/sqm.

Type of natural stone pavement


Diorite 3 cm thick


3 cm thick travertine

Type of tables in natural stone

Tent colours

Structure colours

 White Ral 9003

 Beige Ral 1001

 Green Ral 6006


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