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Casa nell'Orto,
a new sustainable architecture project

A unique example of sustainable architecture

The Cardelli Bros. brand was born with a precise objective: combining design, beauty, aesthetics with high technology, energy efficiency and high-performance materials. From these premises, in recent years, many sustainable architecture projects have been born, many energy self-sufficient and hi-tech buildings, many examples of sustainable and green building

Casa nell'Orto is the latest in this long list and demonstrates how living in a completely sustainable home is possible today. On the basis of an innovative concept of home developed by the LDA.iMdA Architecture Studio, Cardelli Bros. has created a house completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, about 85 square meters in size and equipped with the latest generation photovoltaic system.

Casa nell'Orto represents at best the combination of green vocation, high technology, design and beauty that Cardelli Bros. is looking for in every project, a perfect example of eco-architecture with unconventional shapes and hi-tech soul.

Even some of the most important specialized magazines, such as Archdaily and Archello, speak about this innovative concept.

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Casa nell’Orto, where beauty and technology coexist

For the realization of Casa nell'Orto, Cardelli Bros. has developed a particular construction system, called "AF House": a supporting structure composed of aluminum-steel tubes, large 14.00x6.00 meters for a total area of 84 square meters. Casa nell’Orto is raised above the ground, because of the hydraulic sash that in this area is higher.

Both for the load-bearing attic and for the flooring, a material such as Sapisol was chosen: this is not only a valuable cladding, but also a material with excellent insulating properties both from a thermal and acoustic point of view. The two access stairs are made of steel and the external side walls on the north and south sides are equipped with an internal ventilated system integrated in plasterboard. 

A special material, Mapeplan TAF, was used for all the exteriors: it consists of an insulated panel and a special waterproof sheath that gave the building a special effect of pure volume, without interrupting the continuity of the surfaces. The result is an example of sustainable architecture with Magrittian aesthetic peculiarities.

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The windows and doors are made up of fixed and movable parts: there are both doors and sliding doors, while on the south and north sides there are numerous windows. Casa nell'Orto is a self-sufficient building: in fact, a photovoltaic system with a power of 3.00 kW is installed on the roof, made with high quality photovoltaic panels.

Casa nell'Orto is located in Ponte a Egola (Pisa, Tuscany) and is, to date, one of the most virtuous examples of sustainable and hi-tech architecture, which does not give up attractive aesthetics and forms of design, in line with the philosophy Cardelli Bros.

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