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What is a sustainable home and
what are the advantages

We live at a time when environmental issues have become a global priority and living in a sustainable home is a choice that can really make a difference. Designed, built and furnished in a way that impacts the environment as little as possible, a sustainable house ensures maximum energy efficiency and uses renewable energy. In this article we find out what distinguishes a sustainable home from traditional ones and some projects that can be inspiring.

Sustainable home: the characteristics

Let's start with what we are talking about: what is an eco-sustainable house? What are its peculiar characteristics? What makes it environmentally friendly? Here are all the answers.

Renewable energy

pannello solare

Sustainable consumption is one of the essential characteristics of a sustainable home that primarily uses renewable energy sources. The first among these is certainly the sun: solar panels allow to produce hot water and heat the house while in summer, thanks to solar cooling, they allow to cool it. With solar energy you can therefore provide for every need.


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A specific characteristic of sustainable home projects is that they are perfectly insulated: this means that they have no heat loss and are well insulated from the outside, reducing energy consumption in a clear way. Thermal insulation can be made from a variety of eco-sustainable materials and is essential to lower energy demand.


materiali ecosostenibili

One of the foundations of bio building is to use materials with low environmental impact, non-toxic, safe for the health of the inhabitants of the house and environmentally friendly. We are talking primarily about wood but also about other materials that have a long life cycle and that have an efficient production process, from production to use and disposal.

Household appliances &
internal consumption


When we talk about sustainable houses, we are not only talking about the structure but also about the appliances inside. Being energy-conscious means favouring LED lamps, which last 10 times longer and consume much less than halogen ones, but also choosing a washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and oven in energy class A+++.



In the ideal situation, a sustainable home should have at least 30% south-facing sun exposure: in this way solar radiation is maximized in winter and overheating in summer is avoided. Properly oriented buildings can save between 10% and 20% on heating costs.

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Sustainable home design

Increasingly, design is an integral part of sustainable home projects. Professionals and architectural firms mould materials and shapes to create something truly innovative: in the field of environmentally friendly building, in fact, there are not all the constraints that we find in classical construction and, starting from steel and other sustainable materials, projects are shaped in a free and creative way.

This is how the most interesting projects signed by Cardelli Bros. were born.

Inspirations of bio building

Cardelli Bros is a company that has always had a vocation for Green Lifestyle, which is declined in bio building projects and hi-tech furniture, characterized by innovative shapes and materials. Our avant-garde sustainable home projects are part of this context.

Tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Not only the structure of a sustainable home is important for the respect of the environment but also and above all the habits of those who live in it. A green lifestyle starts with small things.

Living in a sustainable house therefore has many advantages for the environment but also for the health and the wallet of those who live there. The costs for the construction of a sustainable home vary depending on the materials and the type of project, but in general they will be amortized thanks to economic incentives and low consumption. 

Not to mention that those who live in a sustainable home are about 47% less likely to get sick thanks to better ventilation and thermal insulation.

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