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June 16, 2021
November 28, 2022

Technology and design in the
Philip Morris daytime common space in Bologna

A technological greenhouse for an innovative and visionary common space

We have recently completed the project for the realization of the daytime common space of Philip Morris headquarters in Bologna.

It is a wide area with large windows, designed to provide a daytime common space for employees, where they can eat and relax. Thanks to the choice of cutting-edge materials and the use of new technologies, the project is a real concentration of design and innovation, with particular attention to sustainability. 

The visionary concept behind the project has gone hand in hand with the desire to create a large space in which the anti-Covid safety standards could be met without difficulty.

Here are all the technical features of the technological greenhouse that houses the Philip Morris daytime space.

Greenhouse technical features


The greenhouse has been realized in order to be integrated to the existing building, of which it had therefore to respect the style and the dimensions.

The main metal structure with horizontal beams is supported by lateral columns made of hot-dip galvanized and powder coated steel profiles. 

The total surface is about 130 square meters, with a length of 9,10 meters in which are articulated 3 spans and a width of 14,30 meters.

The design is characterized by the presence of large windows on all sides, which make the environment bright and futuristic. Even the roof covering is made entirely of sheets of safety glass, which are fixed to the structure by special aluminum profiles of our design.


In terms of functioning, this metal greenhouse allows for simple and efficient management.

  • 6 motorized and domotized roof windows with ridge opening allow the opening of the roof.
  • Automatic shading system.
  • 2 sliding opening systems on the header side and 2 more on the side wall with full opening.
Out of the box projects

Like all projects designed by Cardelli Bros, the daytime common space for Philip Morris headquarters was born from an innovative, original and visionary idea, which met with technique, technology and advanced materials.

Each of our solutions must not only have a surprising visual impact but must also meet the needs of those who will use it, without ever forgetting sustainability. We are convinced that the world is constantly changing and that being able to adapt to change with increasingly innovative projects is the only way to offer something more to our customers.

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