Sharing happy moments and savouring our most beautiful times together is still possible. Discover a new way of conceiving your spaces with our outdoor solutions.

High tech architecture and design and Made in Italy handicraft

The innovation by Cardelli Bros.

At Cardelli Bros. we produce indoor and outdoor furniture and complements, outdoor green areas, eco-buildings, nature houses and garden buildings as well as tailored architectural design, innovating the perception of everyday life and hi-tech lifestyle

Cardelli Bros. was born from a long tradition of creativity and technological advancement, as well as from the passion of the Cardelli family for furniture and design, to be applied to the world of building. 

The spearhead of our Cardelli Bros. philosophy is precisely the focus on a winning mix of high-tech architecture and design, green technology and handicraft, all with a deep imprint of Made in Italy. Quality, innovation, design and reliability, for excellent service.

Handicraft and progress Made in Italy

At Cardelli Bros., we combine our passion for research and technological development, matured over the years within the Artigianfer company, with the know-how of quality handicraft made in Italy: in this way we can create for our customers special products with an attractive and original design. We make these tailored products thanks to the infinite possibilities of the design concept, decided with the customer, and the tailor-made realization of the project.

We innovate everyday life, we shape new lifestyles to ennoble people and create an alternative hi-tech lifestyle. We innovate the spaces and the environment following the unmistakable quality of Italian handicraft, choosing high performance and eco-sustainable materials with low environmental impact, which follow the innovations of green technology.