Cardelli Bros.

Gazebo Tent: a new way of thinking about
outdoor spaces

Let's go back to life, let's go back to dreaming. Sharing our best moments is still possible.

The quarantine restrictions have deprived us of little big emotions such as the light-heartedness of conviviality, or the pleasure of being together with our loved ones around the same table.

These deprivations have made us reflect and stimulated us to conceive new solutions and ideas for living sociality. We have therefore imagined new ways to increase spaces, both private and commercial, and the ways to optimize them.

The result was a path of research, first internal and then technical, which gave birth to a line of gazebo tents, inspired by the desire to return to life and share it with the people who make it special.

Their shapes tell the story of conviviality with a positive, optimistic and hopeful look.

Because in difficult moments it is precisely the ability to dream that makes us find the right path to overcome all adversities.

Discover our gazebo tents


More than a tent, a new way of conceiving open space inspired by the lightness of the dragonfly.

Bubble Tree

An outdoor living area, raised from the ground, which literally transports guests into another dimension: the one of dreams and fantasy.


A robust square that protects us while we sit, together with our loved ones around a natural stone table that makes us "family".


The conviviality of a cheerful future that will return: a sign made of a tent, a table and two benches on which 6-8-10 people can sit together.

TenTable - G Version

TenTable told through new forms and suggestions: at the centre remain the simplicity and art of conviviality.