Cardelli Bros.

Innovative in and outdoor furniture

Discover the unique Origami and Cover collections

The approach to the design of products and services for high-tech furniture is what characterizes our style at Cardelli Bros. The attention to the customer, responding with Made in Italy quality products to the most varied requests, is the spearhead of the entire process of construction of the offer of design and hi-tech furniture for outdoor. This offer is able to range from the construction of green at 360°, designing the spaces in a sustainable, harmonious and energy self-sufficient, up to the attention to detail with the outdoor home decor where the individual products make special environments where you can live an alternative green and beauty lifestyle. 

For both in and outdoor furniture, we offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Design tables, made with materials as steel, wood, aluminum, glass or polycarbonate.
  • Design chairs, including removable seat chairs and outdoor armchairs.
  • Design armchairs, to relax in your hi-tech garden.
  • Truly peculiar garden chairs.

Finally, we can’t forget that Cardelli Bros. also means tailor-made design, namely the possibility of having within the walls or in the private garden the preferred customizable furniture, to sign with a unique style your home or your business building.

the only example of customization in the world of outdoor furniture

the Italian design of the large steel tables is combined with technology and attention to detail