Cardelli Bros.

at the forefront in creating new lifestyles

In the greenhouse production and horticulture sector, Artigianfer has always focused on research and innovation, engaging in the development of these technologies in various fields. Starting from the know-how in the sector of greenhouses buildings, with the company Cardelli Bros. we have transferred research and innovation in outdoor design and architecture.

Regarding design, we aim to make end consumers happy, studying user-centred furnishings based, therefore, on the needs of those who will use them, choosing efficient high-tech materials and designing versatile objects that can be used in many ways and situations.

Specifically, we work in the field of development, research and innovation for design and architecture, relying on three main axes:

  • User-centred and technological development
  • Craft and creative know-how
  • Quality of Made in Italy

These axes work well because at Cardelli Bros. we are always up to date: we design green buildings, hi-tech furnishing and environmentally friendly solutions that respond to the customer’s demand. In this way we provide our customers not only a tailor-made unique design - competitive and differentiated - but a real eco-friendly design with eco-sustainable materials and focused on energy self-sufficiency.