Cardelli Bros.

between architecture and design

Green lifestyle solutions: technology, functionality and beauty

Cardelli Bros. is a company dedicated to the green lifestyle solutions: we decline it through architecture and furniture design. We were born from Artigianfer, a family-run company that worked with iron; over time, Artigianfer has become a national leader in the design and production of technological structures and greenhouses for horticulture. 

Technology, energy efficiency, materials and functionality are the basis of Cardelli Bros., a project put at the service of the design of solutions to furnish and project a wide range of locations including:

  • Building: greenhouse buildings, garden centres, unconventional gardens, focusing on sustainable architecture, green building and eco-architecture.
  • Design: outdoor furniture and furnishings realized with innovative and smart materials and shapes, garden furniture designed with high-tech materials.
  • Concept: creation of customised projects to design the dream environment, focusing on research and development, innovation, design and hi-tech architecture.

The mission is only one: creating smart ways of being, designing the environment using renewable resources in a prudent and respectful way, promising a unique high-tech green lifestyle.

Mario e Massimo Cardelli: the essence of Italian spirit

⟪ Every one of our project and creation winks at the deepest essence of Italian spirit. The world knows Tuscany as the cradle of creativity and incubator of genius. But - perhaps not everyone knows it - Tuscany is also a land of goliardic spirit, irreverence and courage. Cardelli Bros. is inspired exactly by this cultural and identity paradigm. We are constantly looking for beauty beyond aesthetics, but only within the confines of intelligent usability. Every day we try to break the pattern for the sake of evolution. Yet, to be honest, we also do it for pure fun. That’s how we are - for generations. And this is Cardelli Bros. ⟫

Massimo e Mario Cardelli