Cardelli Bros.

Eco-architecture and self-powered building

House and Business:
winning ideas to rethink hi-tech architecture

Cardelli Bros. is synonymous with innovation and eco-sustainability: we focus, in fact, on hi-tech eco-architecture and eco-building to meet the demand for these products in an excellent way.

We have a great attention to everything that concerns innovation, both of the product and of its practical use: at Cardelli Bros. we have always been attentive to the selection of materials and to the design understood as "planning" and alternative aesthetics.

The idea, in fact, is to arrive at the conceptualization of a hi-tech lifestyle based on "living" private and public spaces in a different way, relying on significant research and technological development, especially in the house Cardelli Bros.

At Cardelli Bros., we provide innovative and eco-sustainable solutions in two main areas.


House, Everything related to the construction of housing always according to the dictates of technological and eco-building

hotel vittoria building


Business, We provide ideas and solutions in the field of eco-building, self-powered building and sustainable architecture.