Cardelli Bros.

Tailored architectural and design projects

Design and architectural concepts tailored to the customer’s needs

At Cardelli Bros. we innovate the way to create buildings, furnishings and out/indoor complements in the House, Garden and Business sectors, providing a different horizon to our customers. Why is Cardelli Bros. different? 

Over the years we have continued to work side by side with technological innovation, designing buildings, greenhouse buildings, in and outdoor furniture made with innovative and eco-sustainable materials, combining it with the quality of Italian craftsmanship gained over the years.

But we, at Cardelli Bros., are not easily pleased and we always look far away with a beacon to drive us: the customer.

That's why Cardelli Bros. for us is also synonymous with tailored architectural concept, a working model that starts from the needs of the customer and arrives at the architectural design of tailor-made solutions. With this innovative idea we allow the customer to follow step-by-step the designing of its personalized project and the creation of unique prototypes. 

The development of tailor-made projects goes hand in hand with the design of hi-tech design solutions, an elegant and refined design that makes your home or building truly special.

Finally, your tailored architectural concept become green: we always work with eco-sustainable materials to design eco-friendly solutions with a low environmental impact.