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September 30, 2021
Greenhouses that make your daily life special
November 28, 2022


A large attractive pole made up of five greenhouses

Naturart is an innovative and futuristic project that Cardelli Bros. is working on in collaboration with other important partners. It is a large attractive pole made up of five greenhouses that will give life to a single structure.

In this article we give you a preview of what Naturart will be.

The Naturart Project

Naturart is the project for a large attractive pole that will represent a real world in its own right. The structure, which will appear unique from an external look, will be composed of five greenhouses, directly connected to each other, which will fulfill different functions.

Yes, because inside Naturart we will find greenhouses dedicated to plant nurseries, agri-food production and actual catering and customer reception, where people will be able to enjoy all the internal services while relaxing in a protected space surrounded by greenery during their stay.

With Naturart we will witness a perfect testimony of the functional and emotional versatility of high-tech greenhouses.

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