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October 31, 2019
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March 12, 2020

An innovative green space,
a metal greenhouse dehor
in Milan’s Navigli

The metal greenhouse dehor created for the Combo hostel, in the Navigli area of Milan, is the latest project executed by Cardelli Bros. The concept best expresses the philosophy and innovative spirit of the company, always looking for the perfect balance between advanced technology, high-performance materials, energy efficiency and design.

The greenhouse dehor has been installed in the garden on the ground floor of the hostel and represents a meeting point, a quiet refuge hidden in the heart of a busy and bustling city, a place to relax and get together.

In this article we discover how a project with an innovative and avant-garde soul is born and comes to life.

The characteristics of the metal greenhouse dehor

As all the projects executed by Cardelli Bros, also the greenhouse dehor for the Combo hostel combines functionality, aesthetics and efficiency.

12 metres wide and 12.80 metres long, it consists of 4 spans for a total surface area of 154 square metres; the metal construction has an eave height of 3.40 metres. 

The finishes have been carried out to meet functional and stylistic requirements. The steel structures were completely galvanized and then painted with a powder coating system and baked in the oven. The bolts have been galvanized with the Zinc-Nickel system to ensure longer life.

The metal greenhouse dehor has two sliding doors, a main entrance door and four continuous windows that can be managed with a gearmotor system to ventilate the upper part of the glass ridge. Inside the greenhouse, three suspended stainless steel tanks have been installed to act as vase holders, to respond to the green spirit of the structure.

A unique and surprising place in Milan

Combo is not just a hostel. In Milan, it is considered a place of meeting and leisure, a small corner of peace and tranquility in one of the liveliest areas of the city: the greenhouse dehor located in the garden of the hostel responds to the need to create an environment where work, study, meet, be together and relax in complete serenity.

Among exhibitions of artists always different, a cuisine attentive to the seasons and open to the influences of different countries, the metal greenhouse dehor in the Navigli area is a place isolated from the hectic city life, a hidden world in which to be alienated for a few hours.

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