Cardelli Bros.
Greenhouse Restaurants

Your dehors in a greenhouse

An innovative and enchanting solution to enlarge your spaces

There has never been a better time for ideas outside the box: with Cardelli Bros. you can expand your restaurant (or your cafè) by bringing your dehors in a greenhouse.

Fascinate your customers with a suggestive setting, the perfect combination of design and green technology. Expand your available spaces and seats with an innovative and enchanting solution.

Our greenhouses are openable: in summer you can open the roof and it will be like being outdoors, in winter you can close it, and you will have a wonderful terrace under the stars!

Would you like to have this opportunity? Continue visiting this page and discover our solutions:

SFC Greenhouse Restaurant

Ideal for those who have open spaces, parks or gardens at their disposal, SFC is a dehors greenhouse with a perimeter entirely in glass: a suggestive setting that is perfectly illuminated, with correct summer cooling guaranteed by a sophisticated shading system.

Futura Greenhouse Restaurant

A perfectly illuminated and cooled glass dehors greenhouse: Futura integrates perfectly into buildings and urban contexts, bringing a green touch and a look that anticipates future to the city.

Personalized restaurants

Do you want to create something special, tailored to your spaces, your environments and your needs? We are by your side to create the right solution for you.

We know how to combine design with high technology: we have always specialized in the realization of eco-sustainable and innovative projects, creating green buildings with a hi-tech soul.

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